Main aim of "The Moving Project"

Young peopleDevelopment of an innovative learning method based on performing arts to give Neets (young people not in education, employment or training) the tools to further develop their skills and attitudes. At present, in many countries concern is growing about approx 16 -19 year olds that are neither in education or training nor in employment.

The Moving Project, co-financed by the EC (Leonardo da Vinci Programme), aims to design, develop, implement and assess a targeted and innovative vocational program, using performing arts, creativity and fun to provide disadvantaged young people with the skills and competences they need for their social lives and to enter the labor market.

Through creativity, talent, performing arts and flexible informal learning targeted on specific needs, NEETs could refocus their live and develop motivation, confidence, personal effectiveness, key skills and competences. Performing arts are a way for the young at-risk to give a meaning to their life.