Learning Approach - Performing arts to work with NEETS

classroomThe Basic Methodology for EU Moving Project developed and implemented during the project is a basic proposal of how organisations could develop a performing arts training project which aims to reach out to young people who are Not in Education Employment or Training (NEETS) or who are at risk of becoming NEETS.

The basic methodology MOVING aims to reengage the disaffected, or those at risk of dropping out through performing arts training. The Guidelines are specific tools to implement the learning approach MOVING and to deliver an alternative training for young NEETS.

"We believe that young people can turn their lives around with the help of positive role models, achievable aims and targets, encouragement and nurturing. Young people who are disengaging in education, work, society or school in general are often not disengaged because they are lazy, unintelligent or talentless, but because they have not had the positive influences in their lives to keep them on the right pathway. We believe that through the popular medium of performing arts we can reengage them in education and work opportunities"
LIPA Staff